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Cloud Playout Servers

Our Cloud Playout Servers Plans

Cheap & Afforfable Automation

Without Playit live

Perfect for testing & getting started!
£ 35.00
  • Amd milan epyc 7003
  • 160 GB disk Space
  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • 3 Vcpus
  • 1 ips IPV4
  • Free Free Icecast Streaming Server
  • Support Live Chat or Ticket

With Playit live

Ideal for full scale automation.
£ 60.00
  • Amd milan epyc 7003
  • 160 GB disk Space
  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • 3 Vcpus
  • 1 ips IPV4
  • PlayIt Live (Premium Bundle)
  • Free Free Icecast Streaming Server
  • Support Live chat or Ticket

why speedyhosts?

Fast Storage

All our servers are built using branded high quality hardware to ensure the best performance for you.

DDoS Protection

All our services include huge amounts of enterprise DDOS protection at no extra cost.

Instant Setup

All our Webhosting and Radio Hosting are activated instantly after cleared payment, subject to your order passing our automated anti fraud checks.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

We don't oversell our services, meaning all clients are able to access the bandwidth they deserve with reliable streaming.

Money-back Guarantee

Not happy with the service you've received? Let us know within 7 days and we'll refund you with no questions asked!.

24x7 Premium Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff are available 24/7 to help you over the phone or online.

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With our range of Cloud Playout Servers, you can move your radio stations automation software to the Cloud and manage it from anywhere in the world. We offer VPS (Virtual Servers) with software such as PlayIt Live pre-installed and ready to broadcast. Take a look at the options available.

PlayIt Live is great automation software package providing multiple advantages over its competitors, Preinstalled and ready to start broadcasting.

You can get our cloud based desktop with Playit Live preinstalled or not installed.

Contact Us about Cloud Playout Servers

If you have any questions about our Cloud Playout Server offering, why not drop us an email to discuss your requirements. We can offer you a Cloud server with PlayIt Live (plus Premium Module Bundle included) or RadioDJ already preinstalled, just ready for you to upload music. Alternatively, you could install your own software on our Windows Servers and run your Radio Station from the Cloud. Log in remotely from anywhere in the world and administer your station.


PlayIt Live is an excellent Radio Automation software, used by many radio stations. We offer a range of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) with PlayIt Live pre-installed. It also includes their Premium Module Bundle, making this a very powerful option. See PlayIt Live's website for more information and features.
Absolutely, you do not have to use one of the software packages we have available, you can install your own. All VPS (Virtual Private Servers) have administrative rights, so you can install any (legal) software on the server such as Station Playlist, etc...
Cloud Playout Servers are provisioned "same working day" so you'll have yoru server ready on the same day you order it (typically within a few hours). If you order overnight, it will be provisioned "next working day" for you. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as it is ready to use.
You can access your server from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an Internet connection!) via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). RDP is supported on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, meaning you'll be able to access and administer yoru Radio Station from anywhere in the world.
When you sign up to one of our servers you will be given the option to buy our Cloud backup, If you wish not to use this then you will need to provide your backup solution.
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